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Butter Braids Fundraiser


"Butter Braids" Fundraiser

Dear Parents & Participants,

This year instead of doing our annual Read-A-Thon we have chosen something new & different. All students will be selling Butter Braids which are hugely popular.

Our fundraiser begins today, Feb 5th and all order forms & money are due on Feb 28th. They will be delivered to school frozen on Mon, Mar 18th. We will give more details later on times they can be picked up.

Customers can order 2 ways, order form or go online at

Please make all checks payable to: HCA.



Prize Sheet

Sell at least 100 -  $200 Cash

Sell at least 75 - $100 Cash

Sell at least 50 - $50 Walmart Gift Card

Sell at least 25 - $10 Amazon Gift Card & a Free Buffet donated by "Hillsboro Giovanni's Pizza"

Sell at least 15 - HUGE bag of Gummy Bears 

Sell at least 5 - 3 Theater size boxes of Candy

Sell at least 1 - 1 Theater size box of Candy

***Prizes are NOT cumulative. Students will receive the prize from their highest bracket. (ex. Sell 18, get gummy bears only)

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